What Makes Bollywood Funk NYC Different?

What Makes Bollywood Funk NYC Different?

Dance is our passion and blessing, and we want to share this with the world. At BFunk, you are a part of a family of dancers that dedicate hours of their weeks to one common passion. It is a community of successful people in all different walks of life, coming together to nurture their inner dancer. We are each others cheerleaders and supporters. It's not just a dance company, it is an experience. Through BFunk4aCause, all students are invited to perform at our monthly Performance Nights; a completely free event dedicated to encouraging student performances along with making a difference.
Students invite their friends and family to watch and enjoy the choreographies they have learned. Each member and attendee is encouraged to donate any amount they can towards a predetermined monthly charity to help others in need. Some of our previous charities include the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund and Make-A-Wish Foundation. So yes, dance can make a difference, to your life and others'. With your passion, heart and soul, you can join in on this very powerful movement too!
What we do...

What we do...

  • Teach exciting, exhilarating, fun, creative, unique, intricate, challenging choreographies bringing together elements from urban contemporary Bollywood, hip hop, and jazz
  • Develop dancers who are well-versed in technique and empower dancers to find the confidence, the heart, the passion, and the “attitude” central to the art of performing
  • Provide a vibrant and inclusive community for dancers to connect with, support, motivate, mentor, and inspire one another
  • Welcome dancers who have “two left feet” and have never spoken a word of Hindi as well as aspiring professional dancers or those experienced in Bollywood
Our Process...

Our Process...

  • Classes offered at the Basic Beginner, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate levels, with promotions based on instructor recommendation
  • Classes run in a four-week session format, with a brand new choreography being taught each month
  • At the end of each session, all classes school-wide come together for “Performance Night” to showcase what they’ve learned to friends and family
  • In addition to classes and performances, we regularly hold parties, dinners, and special events to bring dancers together and build connections and friendships that transcend dance
We Provide...

We Provide...

  • A way to de-stress and re-energize after work, express yourself in a new and creative way, get a fantastic workout, and have fun while you’re at it
  • Individualized attention and personalized feedback to every single dancer, investing in dancers’ physical and mental growth and enabling each dancer to reach their full potential
  • Opportunities to advance in the dance school and company and perform on big stages in New York and New Jersey
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