Dance is a physical form of art, and all movement arts carry a risk of injury. While Bollywood Funk takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the dance studio. You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and medically fit for the class and during the class you must take care of your own personal safety at all times.


  • Class begins at the scheduled time. Class space is limited so please arrive at least 10 minutes before class. Bollywood Funk can not guarantee a spot in the class if you arrive late or the class at the maximum capacity.
  • It is very important to arrive on time to ensure proper warm-up and reduce injuries
  • Bollywood Funk reserves the right to refuse any individual entry onto the premises or class at any time per their discretion.
  • You must wear exercise appropriate clothing with sneakers or dance shoes. You must not take the classes barefoot unless otherwise requested by the instructors.
  • Cell-phones must be either in silent mode or turned off for the duration of the class.
  • Payments must be made in full prior the class by cash, personal cheques and credit card online only.
  • Each class card has an expiration date. You must take ALL your classes before the card expires. Class cards can be extended for a period of 1 month for a $10 fee.
  • ALL payments for class packages and gift certificates are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Class cards are NON-TRANSFERRABLE.
  • You must abide by the general rules of the studio space at all times.
  • You are responsible for all your belongings. Bollywood Funk and the studios do not take responsibility for any lost or stolen articles.
  • All choreography taught during class is an intellectual copyrighted property of Bollywood Funk. Any reproduction, public re-presentation and video-recording will require prior approval from Bollywood Funk.

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