Class: BFUNK 4 KIDS Summer Workshop in Jersey City

Style: This is a high energy workshop packed with fun dance moves for the little ones, set to the most popular Bollywood tracks. Workshops are separated into two segments by age group. Students will learn new choreography each session (4 weeks) that can be performed at school recitals and events. Class starts with a basic warm up followed by a choreography section. Steps are taught at a slow pace to help each child learn and improve in the dance technique and style, with the goal of building confidence and improving coordination skills. Students who continue and excel in these workshops may be selected to perform at public events and at Monthly Performance Nights.

Format: Workshop, 1 hour long (grouped by age).

Levels offered: 4-6 Years/ 7+

Admission: Class level is most appropriate for students between the ages of 4-6 and 7 -12 years with little or no dance experience.

Ages 4-6: For the younger students, the focus is on FUN, via stretching and movement! Each child will learn new choreography, starting with a basic warm up. Steps will be taught at a slow pace to improve technique and style, with a primary goal of building confidence and coordination. Each session will culminate in the last half hour as a “mommy and me” class in which the parent(s) are invited in to see what their child has learned, encouraging bonding and practicing together! Because in the end, mommies (and daddies) need to have fun too!
Summer Class schedule
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Ages 7+: For the slightly older children, this workshop is a bit more structured and instruction-based. Starting with 15 minutes of warmup, the students are taught a beginner choreography routine adapted for children, tailored to focus on the building blocks of Bollywood dance. The final portion of each session ends in a freestyle session, in which each child can showcase their own personal style of dancing. This class helps unleash the true performer potential of each student.

Summer Class schedule
Schedule TBD Purchase Here: Paypal

Location - Jersey City Limited Spots - Pre Registration is Required.

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