Frequently Asked Questions
We do not offer trial classes for our Monthly sessions. We teach a sequence over a few classes hence each class is a progression of the choreography. We believe that a single class is not enough to learn the dance style and choreography. A 5 class minimum package is offered so each student has the opportunity to become comfortable with the style and measure his/her progress.
If you are looking to get a glimpse of our dance style and choreography along with a great workout then the Naach Xpress classes are a perfect fit.
We offer work shops for kids during spring and summer. Please email us at for more details.
You can start once a month, during our open registration week.
Unless you are already an experienced Bollywood Funk NYC student, there are a lot of important fundamental skills that are unique to our dance style that you won't learn from other dance classes. In turn, we recommend EVERYONE begin with our Basic Beginner class. During your first class your teacher will assess your ability, and will recommend the appropriate level going forward.
While having a dance background is definitely a huge plus as you will probably progress quicker, it is important that you don’t skip ahead class levels until you have a good foundation and have mastered your current level.
Yes, our dance classes are for everyone whether you are a total beginner or an experienced dancer. Some people take longer to improve, but everyone can eventually learn to dance. Like any other skill, it takes dedication and regular attendance to learn proficiency, but the road to becoming a great dancer is also one filled with a lot of fun.
The class card comes with an expiration date. As long as you take all your classes before the expiration date, you have the flexibility to take weeknight or weekend classes.
Make sure to have on a pair of comfortable soft-soled shoes and loose, exercise-appropriate clothing. T-shirts, sweatpants, sneakers/jazz shoes, etc. are all okay. No jeans, dress shoes or heels, and no bare feet except where noted.
Classes start promptly at the designated time. All students must be present for the warm up routine, in order to prepare their muscles, heart rate and bodies for the choreography, and to avoid injury. We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior, to get settled, change if necessary, etc.
Our co-ed group lessons are a fun, social, and affordable way to learn. Students who take group classes on a regular basis form friendships with other students. Persistence is important during the first couple weeks. You may find it a bit difficult to keep up just because it will take some time for your mind and body to adjust to the format of a group dance class. Keep in mind group classes are a one-size-fits-all solution. While the instructor teaches at a pace that accommodates everyone in the class, he/she will offer feedback and suggestions specific to you. If you want highly personalized instruction, then consider private lessons. There is no doubt that students who take private lessons become more refined dancers.
We do not give refunds or exchanges, and class packages are non-transferrable and non-shareable. There are no refunds if you prepay for a class package and don't show up to redeem it. You have until the expiration period from your date of payment to redeem pre-paid classes.
Yes. Our class packages follow a standard validity schedule: 5 classes- 2 months from date of purchase 10 classes- 5 months from date of purchase 20 classes- 9 months from date of purchase
Full Pre-payment of a class package is required prior to entering any class. You may pre-purchase a package by credit or debit card. You may also pre-pay by cash or check 15-20 minutes prior to the start of class at the studio. Regardless of payment method, once you are pre-paid, a class card will be made for you; please treat this as cash, keep it in your wallet at all times. Your card will be punched each time you attend class, and will denote your remaining classes and validity period.
If you lose your class card due to personal negligence then we have no obligation to replace it. If it is stolen or lost due to circumstances outside of your control then we will replace it and credit you with the number of classes remaining onto a new class card.
Yes. At the end of every session (once a month), we have Performance Night, during which all classes come together and perform what they learned during the most recent session. Its one big dance party, and is a great chance to meet other students and teachers, hone your performance skills, and see what you have to look forward to in our various class styles and levels. Some students may participate in live performances throughout the year and will be selected based on individual progress. For those students with a serious interest in performing, teaching and/or pursuing dance endeavors at the semi-professional / professional level, we offer many opportunities, via our professional performance division, Bollywood Funk NYC Dance Company. Admittance via audition or teacher recommendation.
No, it is not necessary to attend class on the same day. You may choose to attend any class (weeknight or weekend) within the given class schedule. Class choreography is reviewed every class so one may attend classes on different days each week and still keep up with the routine.
All students are encouraged to attend at least one class a week to learn and practice the class choreography. Students may choose to attend class on the day most suitable for them. For faster results, taking two classes a week is highly recommended.

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