Formed in 2007, Bollywood Funk is NYC’s premiere dance institution specializing in urban, contemporary, Bollywood dance. We blend the best of what Bollywood has to offer; high-energy entertainment, drama, and expressions with the intricacy and technique of Jazz and Hip-hop and more.

We aim to show just how diverse Bollywood is as a dance style and how it is constantly evolving and reinventing itself by crossing cultural boundaries. No doubt, it is rapidly becoming the most popular forms of new dance entertainment around the world, as seen by its presentations in Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. By creating unique choreographies that fuse modern dance styles with today’s most popular and vibrant Hindi music, BFunk truly is Bollywood style dancing with a NYC attitude.

As we like to say around here, it’s Bollywood inspired, passion required! It's all about the attitude.

What we are up to...

  • New Session in JC in progress. Registration closes Tuesday, Nov, 29th.

  • New Session in NYC in progress. Registration closes Wednesday, Nov 30th.

  • Naach Xpress Drop In Class in NYC

    Pearl Studios 500 8th avenue, NYC.
    November 30th 8:00 PM
  • Naach Xpress Drop in Class in Jersey City

    54 Coles Street, Jersey City.
    December 3rd 12:00 PM

    Get in touch

    Opening hours

    Mo-Thu 10am - 10pm 
    Sat 11am - 4pm
    Sun - Closed

    Mailing Address

    123 Town Square Place
    Suite 198
    Jersey City, NJ 07310